• Keyword Optimizer Sample App is Released
    [March 16, 2016] Google announced the release of the Keyword Optimizer sample app for the AdWords API, which combines functionalities of Keyword Planner and the API services for keyword suggestion and traffic estimation. Timo Bozsolik from the AdWords API team explains in a post on the Google Ads Developer blog: Starting from an initial set of seed keywords […]
  • Google Announces New People API
    [February 12, 2016] Google announced the new People API, which lets developers retrieve data about authenticated users’ connections from their Contacts. Whereas in the past, developers had to make multiple calls to the Google+ API for user profiles and the Contacts API for contacts, they can now get the best of both worlds with a single API. Google […]
  • WordPress Plugins for Peace of Mind
    [January 13, 2016] Whenever a new release of the WordPress content management system comes out, I’m usually on it immediately, updating all my sites running WordPress to that latest version. But not this time. Not yet. Version 4.4 of WordPress was released on December 8, but I’m still on WordPress 4.3.1, the immediately preceding version. The reason? It’s […]
  • Minecraft Coding Tutorial Released from Microsoft
    [November 20, 2015] Microsoft has teamed up with Mojang AB and Code.org to unveil a new Minecraft coding tutorial for students and educators. It was created for the Hour of Code campaign that encourages global participation in computer science – part of Computer Science Week, which runs December 7 – 13. You don’t have to wait for that […]
  • Your Website’s Need For Speed
    [October 16, 2015] If it seems like life has been getting faster every day, that’s because it has. And if it seems like the Internet is getting faster every day, that’s because it is. We’ve moved from pedal boats to rocket ships. As the Internet speeds up, your competitors speed up, too. And that creates expectations on the […]
  • HTTP/HTTPS SEO Mishaps and Remedies
    [September 11, 2015] Over the last year we have heard a lot more combined usage of the terms HTTPS and SEO. HTTPS is an acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This is basically HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) + Secure which notes the usage of SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. This encryption protocol is used to aid in the […]
  • Google PageSpeed Insights for Beginners
    [August 7, 2015] Does the speed that your web pages load really matter for SEO purposes? How about for conversions? In a nutshell – yes! Consider the following facts: 47% of users expect your web page to load in under two seconds 57% of users will abandon a page if its load time is 3 seconds or more […]
  • Here’s What To Expect From The Google Container Engine Beta
    [July 10, 2015] Google announced the beta release of Google Container Engine and the general availability of Google Container Registry. Container Engine enables you to run Docker containers on Google Cloud Platform, powered by Kubernetes. Container Engine schedules containers based on the needs you’ve declared on a cluster of virtual machines.
  • Take a Look at the New Android M Permissions
    [June 9, 2015] Google unveiled the developer preview of Android M last week, and among the new additions are some changes to permissions.
  • FbStart Expands On Its Initial Launch Services
    [May 15, 2015] In April of last year, Facebook announced FbStart, a program to give satartups developer tools and services from Facebook and partner companies to help them get their businesses to take off. The company opened it up to startups the following month. On Thursday, the company provided an update on the program, and revealed that it […]
  • Apple’s Developer Conference Slated for June 8
    [April 17, 2015] Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference will start on June 8 this year, and run through June 12. Per usual, the event will be held in San Francisco. Apple touts that there will be more sessions streamed to developers this year than ever before.
  • Facebook Messenger Apps Announced, Build Apps To Take Advantage of Messenger
    [March 26, 2015] Facebook just kicked off its annual f8 developer conference, announcing Messenger Platform and Businesses on Messenger. The former enables developers to build apps that Messenger users can take advantage of in conversations. The latter seems to be looking to take over email for business-to-consumer communications.
  • Mobile Developer Tools Launched By Yahoo
    [February 20, 2015] Yahoo kicked off its first Mobile Developer Conference on Thursday, introducing a new mobile developer suite. “Designed to help developers understand, measure, advertise, monetize, and enhance their apps, the suite includes five new products, including Flurry Analytics Explorer, Yahoo App Publishing, Yahoo App Marketing, Yahoo Search in Apps, and Flurry Pulse,” a spokesperson for Yahoo […]
  • Optimizing Your Mobile For Search and Usability
    [January 26, 2015] Digital marketing consultants view analytics data from many websites in various industries. It is rare that we don’t see at least 30% of all traffic coming from mobile devices, and usually it’s closer to 50%. Some Marketing Directors have realized the opportunity of improving conversion rates for half of their visitors with easy wins like customized mobile messaging.
  • Twitter Introduces “Flock” – New Developer Event Series
    [January 16, 2015] Twitter is wooing developers more than ever in 2015. It’s hard to believe, but the company only recently held its first-ever developer conference, Flight. The October event saw the unveiling of Twitter’s Fabric developer kits and Digits sign-in. There are three modular kits that address stability, distribution, revenue, and identity. Fabric combines services from Twitter […]
  • Google Launches New API for reCAPTCHA
    [December 5, 2014] Google announced that it’s rolling out an API for reCAPTCHA, which it has dubbed “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything much about reCAPTCHA. Google acquired the company in 2009, and has since been using it to make the CAPTCHA experience on websites less annoying, among other things. A couple years, […]
  • Penguin Updates are Still Rolling according to John Mueller
    [November 5, 2014] When the Google Penguin 3.0 was rolled out, John Mueller told that he expected to see rankings begin to start to settle down in a couple of week’s time. However, in the recent Google Webmaster Help Hangout, Mueller told that the update is still operational.
  • The True Definition of a Hacker and “Hackathon”
    [October 8, 2014] The term “Hacker” has been somewhat abused by the media, such that many may now view it as a derogatory term. It has often been used by media to describe criminals who infect systems and breach networks.
  • Facebook Announces Updates For Developer Services and APIs
    [September 19, 2014] Facebook announced a few updates to make it easier for developers to find the products they need based on industry, see updates about developer services and APIs, and make Parse apps remotely configurable. For starters, there’s a new industry-focused section on the Facebook Developers site.
  • Western Digital Announces PCIe SSD Appliance for Microsoft SQL Server
    [August 20, 2014] Western Digital’s HGST and NEC announced a PCIe SSD Appliance for Microsoft SQL Server built on NEC Express 5800 and HGST FlashMAX II PCIe server-mounted flash storage.
  • Dev tip – How to Register an App with Facebook
    [July 31, 2014] So, you’ve been thinking about creating an app to run on facebook, so now what? Well, to begin you can take advantage of this great read from fbombmedia… enjoy!
  • Watch the Google I/O Keynote Live
    [July 2, 2014] Yes indeed it’s I/O day and you can catch it live here or on youtube… enjoy!
  • Wearable Computing Devices Getting Enterprise Integration With Salesforce
    [June 13, 2014] Salesforce announced the launch of a new Salesforce Wear developer pack as it aims to bring enterprise services to wearable computing devices. The pack will help developers get companies connected to their customers through apps for wearables.
  • Matt Cutts Confirms A Softer and Gentler Panda in 4.0 Update
    [May 27, 2014] When Google rolled out the Panda 4.0 update last week, there were several speculations regarding the nature of the update. But now things are clearer after the final tip-off came directly from the horse’s mouth. Matt Cutts, Google’s head of Search Spam confirmed in a tweet, the new Panda update is softer and gentler for […]
  • Google Sheds Light On Maximum Number of Links Allowed On Page
    [May 1, 2014] Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, confirmed in a Google Webmaster Help thread that there is no limit to the number of links you can have on a page. Mueller said, “There's no limit to the number of links on your pages, so that wouldn't be affecting how your site shows up in search results.”